AMY is proud to partner with Healthy Newsworks, a nonprofit that focuses on “student journalists transforming the health of our communities.”  Our Healthy Bulldog is a student-generated school newspaper that focuses on current health topics.  Our current staff of reporters is made up of a group of 8th grade students who work together to conduct staff and student interviews, research, and surveys, with which information they then create news articles in a quarterly publication that delivers information to AMY staff, students, and the surrounding community.  Our students also conduct press conferences with leaders in our community as a contribution to an annual book publication titled, “Leading Healthy Change in Our Community.”  Budding student artists have also contributed to issues of the Healthy Bulldog, Leading Healthy Change in Our Community, the Healthy Newsworks website, as well as being past winners of their annual poster contest!

For further information on Healthy Newsworks, its work in the community and schools, as well as past publications, check out their website: