Remote Learning Reference

A message from Mrs. Floyd

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Remote Learning Reference

August 20, 2020

Dear AMY Families,

I want to take a moment and welcome each of you again to the start of our school year.  Typically, during this time of the year, I would be preparing for families to drop in and say hello and make sure that everyone is comfortable with starting / returning to middle school. COVID-19 is dictating a different start to the school year, however I still want you to be comfortable starting/ returning to middle school.

Please know that I am so proud of the team of teachers who worked so hard to prepare for virtual learning. Teachers have been attending technology trainings to create more engaging lessons and ways to build individual connections with our students. Additionally, a large majority of the staff have engaged this summer in equity, bias, and anti-racist conversations and learning this summer. We are committed to embracing this virtual educational program as yet another opportunity to shine and we have looked at this from all angles to make sure that we provide clear information and procedures for our students to engage in daily instruction.

Please be sure to review the Remote Learning Resources, attached and on the AMY Northwest home page. This document will go over basic day to day information around attendance, grading, and a sample student schedule. Next week we will post individual class schedules so that you will know exactly what classes the students have, when they have them, and be able to access the google meet links and google classroom codes. Please note the remote learning schedules will be very similar to the schedules that they have when we move back into the building. As always please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have, as we are here to help. It is my hope that we will ALL embrace this situation and make this a truly positive experience as we continue to Grow to Greatness Together.
Take care and be well,
Jodan Floyd