COVID 19 Resources

Its a trying time and our students and families may be experienceing more stress and anxiety.  To access Health and Mental Health information please CLICK HERE.   You will be forwarded to a SDP page with a list or resources.

In light of the current public health crisis and possible loss of employment and health insurance for your families, there might be a more significant interest in programs such as CHIP. Independence Blue Cross is proud to work with our community stakeholders to help protect its children’s health and well-being.

An important note is that the CHIP program does not have an annual enrollment period, so enrollment can occur any month, and it can be used as stop-gap coverage between employment.

The Independence CHIP overview flyer the program can be found HERE.  Information regarding how much you could pay for your childs health insurance can be found HERE.

Here are links to help your residents apply for the CHIP program and learn about other state benefits – – download a CHIP application – for additional state benefits

In addition, a family member can call the Independence CHIP Member Help Team to apply over the phone at 1-800-464-5437.

You can also reach out to the school counselor or the school nurse for additional health and mental health information.

School Counselor: Lori Blanco at or call 267-416-0566

School Nurse: Adrienne metzinger at